Mr.Cleaner, Adventures in Time. An Indie Game by AndyGFX & Astrofra.

(Most) Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does the game cost ?

A: Nothing, Mr. Cleaner PC version is released as a freeware. Feel free to download it.


Q: I can't start Mr. Cleaner on my PC, can you fix that ?

A: This game heavily relies on an intensive GPU-based technology. It will run on any modern PC that is either NVidia or ATI/AMD powered. On a PC with an integrated Intel graphic card we are unable to reproduce the same quality of visual experience. You can always drop us an email, we will try to do our best and see if there's a possible workaround.

Q: Is there a Linux version of Mr. Cleaner?

A: There is no Linux port of Mr. Cleaner at the moment. However, it might work on Linux with Wine installed.

Q: What 3D engine is Mr. Cleaner made with?

A: Mr. Cleaner was entirely developped using the GameStart engine. More information can be found on the official website :

Q: Who is behind Mr. Cleaner ?

A: This game was mainly done by two people. Ondrej Kollar did the most important of the game design and developpement. He created the game logic, implemented the whole game and designed the 49 levels. Fran├žois Gutherz did all the graphics, 3D and 2D. During all the development of Mr. Cleaner, the GameStart team provided a valuable assistance as well.

Q: Who did the musics of Mr. Cleaner ?

A: The names of the musicians behind the soundtrack of Mr. Cleaner are : Bobby Cole, Neil Cross, Alex Khaskin, William Lamy, Bartek Niedzwiecki, Tom Spianti and Mazami Tanzi.

Q: The background of the game is focused on the radiocative polution. Is it a reference to the Fukushima incident in Japan ?

A: Not really. The question of the the nuclear wastes has always been in our minds, when we started to work on this game, 3 months before the accident in the Fukushima Daiishi NPP. The dramatic accident in Tchernobyl was in our minds. Unfortunately, the events have proven that such a catastrophy can still happen.
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